Bromo Ijen Tour Package to Bring Your Vacation to a Whole New Level

Bromo Ijen Tour Package to Bring Your Vacation to a Whole New Level . Exploring Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park may not be as easy as other places. Numerous steep climbs and the sea of sands will be the obstacles for any tourist that comes to Bromo. Moreover, Bromo National Park is an enormous place. It is almost impossible to explore the overall site without having any suitable accommodation. However, tourists are allowed to bring their own motorcycle, but surely it has high risk of accident due to many factors, such as the terrain attribute and the driver’s lack of experience. Therefore, Bromo tour package is a reasonable option for your vacation.

Bromo Tour Package to Bring Your Vacation to a Whole New Level

Well, using jeep will definitely bring many advantages for travelers. The time spent to move from one destination to others can be significantly decreased, so there will be less fatigue and more opportunity to reach many possible tourist sites. Generally, the trip using jeep starts from 3 a.m. until 10.30 a.m. The scope of journey covers four main destinations. The first place is Penanjakan area where you can witness a mesmerizing sunrise there. This is the heart of Bromo Ijen Tour which cannot be skipped by literally anyone. The second is Mount Bromo Crater. It is highly recommended for all tourists to bring mask to avoid inhaling the excessive sulfur fumes.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package Best Coice Volcano Tour

The next one is Savannah which has large grass scenery. People often call this place as Teletubies Hills because of its extraordinary green and big dome. The last place listed is the Whispering Sands. The serenity of this place has already captured many hearts. Therefore, no wonder many couples shoot their pre-wedding photos in this area. As the journey with jeep ended, people will have amazing memories of Bromo that cannot be forgotten. The whole trip on Bromo tour package is surely worth to try for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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