Gary Juffa as the Supporter of West Papua Separatist Groups

As one of those groups that want to separate from Indonesia, the free west Papua groups will surely have a lot of participants as well as supporters. That is because without those people backing them up, their action will not stay as long as it has been now. For your information, one of those supporters that backed them up is Gary Juffa. Juffa is one of those governors in Papua New Guinea, one nation on the border of Papua. He has been quite vocal related with the separation issue of Papua from Indonesia. To make it even worse, he is one of those people who support Papua to be separated from Indonesia.

For the separation group, this one is surely something good because they have someone with a power that backed them up. Unfortunately, based on the west Papua news, his governance on the state is not going smooth at all. As a matter of fact, the condition on the state that he led is not as good as many other states in Papua New Guinea. Considering that fact alone, it simply raises a lot of questions about the main reason why Juffa is very vocal to support the separatist group of west Papua.

Because of those facts have been released to the public, there are a lot of people who are questioning the main purpose of Juffa to help the separatist group related with the west Papua conflict. That is because there are a lot of people who do not want to deal with this kind of problem because they have their own problem to deal with. You can take example of Solomon Island and Australia that slowly going back because of the bloody incident happened some moments ago. Even though they support the separatist group, they slowly go back because the condition is getting worse. It is not like what Juffa did.


South African Attention to Papua in Indonesia

Papua in Indonesia and South Africa are two different places in two different parts of the world. However, their color might be something that unites these two places. That can be seen from the attention that the South African give as the memoir of Burkina Faso. There are not many people who have known, but Burkino Faso is one of those leaders of free west Papua some years ago. They were trying to reach the independence of west Papua so that they are out of Indonesia. One simple thing that the people in South Africa do is having a small event as one symbol of memoriam of Burkina Faso.

The event cannot be considered as a grand event that will attract the attention of the world. Even though, this is one simple thing that the South African people can do to show them their appreciations to the activist. That is also something that you can see from the west Papua news.

Unfortunately, there are some people who think that this thing should never happen. That is because Papua was not a nation on its own. As an addition to that, Papua is still one part of Indonesia so that Papua is still one of those states in Indonesia. To make it even worse, there are some people who said that the contribution of South Africa to this kind of event for Papua is not necessary. That is because in Indonesia itself, this kind of group was considered as something illegal and threatening. That is one thing that caused the west Papua conflict. Fortunately, despite of those negative opinions about the event that is held in South Africa, there are still a lot of people who put a lot of respects to this kind of thing. They still have the humanity inside their own heart.

Touring Tips To Bromo using a motorbike.

Touring Tips To Bromo using a motorbike.Touring Tips To Bromo using a motorbike.Some time ago, I was touring Mount Bromo using a motorbike. Many preparations must be made. Immediately, the following are the tips I collected from my trip after coming from Mount Bromo.

Touring Tips To Bromo using a motorbike


1. Check and service your motorbike, starting from oil change, brake lining, clutch shoes, and lamp electricity. It is preferable to use a sports motorbike (male bike) rather than matic which is too risky because the terrain is very steep and uphill makes your v-belt matic break fast.

2. Estimate from your departure place (origin) until you arrive at the destination no later than 14.00 until it is climbed. Just info, if passing Pandaan Pasuruan can take up to 3 hours. So estimate your route, whether from Pasuruan, Probolinggo, or from Malang. I myself chose to pass the direction of Nongko Jajar, because the route is safe and the road is smooth. We were stopped by the police when we wanted to pass the direction of Pasuruan because it was said that the route had a lot of begal or the seizure of motorbikes by force.

3. Before heading towards the climb (up the hill), don’t forget to buy full gasoline at the gas station. because if you have gone up, there is no gas station, only retail gasoline sellers with a range of Rp.10,000 – Rp. 15,000 / liter. You can estimate yourself for your own trip and motorcycle

4. Bring a thick jacket / mountain jacket to support your trip. Can use a leather jacket, but it is advisable to use a mountain jacket. Apart from that socks, gloves, masks and sunglasses are mandatory equipment. Don’t forget to bring a coat / raincoat.

5. Bring a flashlight or lighting to keep watch on the way or when walking to the climb.

6. Bring warm medicines or rubbing oil to keep watch when you are cold.

7. Bring enough clothing and food. just like motor fuel, when it reaches near climb, everything becomes expensive. For information, when you arrive near the climbing post, 600 ml of mineral water costs Rp. 5,000 (Normal Rp. 2,000-3,000). Whereas when it was at the peak, it reached Rp.8000 / bottle 600 ml.


1. Prepare yourself to rest early, because you have to get up early – early and leave at 3:00 a.m. in the morning so you can see the sunrise on the top of Mount Bromo. If you want to be more relaxed, you can leave early at 01.00-02.00 in the morning

2. Before leaving, drink coffee to avoid drowsiness on the trip because it is very risky, you will pass a steep road without lighting public roads.

3. Drink herbs or supplement to catch a cold, so that your condition remains fit so you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

4. It is recommended to bring a tripod or narcissistic stick so you can still reach the moment when the sun appears. because you will be pressed against hundreds of people at the top.

5. Just information, ticket prices for a normal day Rp. 27,500 / person, while the holiday stress is Rp. 32,500 / person. Each motorcycle is charged Rp. 5,000.

6. It is highly recommended and important to note, you at least invite your friends who have been to Bromo before, or you can hire a tour guide so you don’t get lost or go wrong when going to the top, or maybe to the sea of ​​sand. Because at the time of the afternoon, thick fog envelops the desert, you can get lost far away. It is recommended before 3:00 p.m. you have to go up to the plains of the sea of ​​sand.

7. The return trip should not take the Tumpang Malang direction (to the Tengger Bromo Semeru post) because the road is very steep, muddy and dangerous. Many motorbikes were trapped and broke down in the middle of the trip. Again this is a warning suggestion, you can rent a tour guide to help you get out of the bromo area to the nearest direction.

Touring Tips To Bromo.

Those are some tips that I got after using Bromo on a motorbike on December 26-27, 2014. If you are not used to a long trip on a motorbike you should rent a travel service that provides Mount Bromo tour package because they are more effective and comfortable.

Semeru Trekking Tour Package For Non Trekkers

Semeru Trekking Tour Package For Non Trekkers . Not everyone is a fan of rigorous activities such as hiking and trekking. However, that does not mean these people want to miss divine mountain scenery. Semeru is not an easy mountain to explore. It demands great dedication, both mental and physical, which can be too taxing to people who are not used to such activities. They are lucky, though, because many agencies are offering mount Semeru trekking tour packages that are suitable for beginners. These trips are designed to be as comfortable as possible for the visitors. They also take longer time compared to trips for experienced trekkers.

Semeru Trekking Tour Package For Non Trekkers

Semeru Trekking Tour Package For Non Trekkers

If you are a beginner when it comes to trekking or hiking, you must choose a package that comes with professional guide. This guide will serve as a lifeline during the course of that journey. Make sure that the guide is certified and have great fluency in English. Bromo Semeru trekking tour package for non-trekkers usually also provides team of porters to carry your belongings and equipment up. In the package for beginners, there is no need to worry about food or camping and trekking equipment. Nutritious and energizing meals during the journey are prepared by the agency. It is also unnecessary to buy and pack heavy camping equipment before trip.

Even if these Semeru trekking tour packages have been designed to accommodate all your needs, you must still prepare for it. To prevent many kinds of injuries, you have to at least do small exercises about thirty minutes a day, weeks before that trip. Preparing personal medication is also important. Document confirming that trekker is in fit condition is required at checkpoint before the trip. Trekker also needs to learn about the danger of Semeru. When its activity is increased or natural occurrences like heavy rains happen, the mountain will be too dangerous to visit regardless of your preparation

The Way to Enjoy Glorious Nature in Mount Bromo Tour Package

The Way to Enjoy Glorious Nature in Mount Bromo Tour Package . As we know, Indonesia has so many active volcanoes in various locations. With almost 83 mountains, Indonesia acts like a gun with loaded bullets ready to be fired. No one can really predict the next eruption. Despite of being The Ring of Fire, no one can deny the magnificent diversity of Indonesia along with its mesmerizing nature. One true example is Mount Bromo that’s located in East Java. Besides the beautiful scenery, the presence of local tribe called Tengger there only adds its charm. They have been around for hundreds of years and consider Bromo as a sacred place. This Hindu tribe always helps conserving nature around the mountain, so there would be a balance between men and nature. That’s why regardless there have been many options of Bromo tour package offered there, the environment is still well preserved.

The Way to Enjoy Glorious Nature with Bromo Tour Package

The Way to Enjoy Glorious Nature with Bromo Tour Package

In fact, every single day, thousands of people flock around the crater. The crater is definitely not the sole site there. There are many other places included into Bromo tour package provided by travel and tour agencies. The other main show of Bromo is the sunrise on Penanjakan view point. As the gold disk is rising and the fog disappearing, you can see the mount and its crater vividly. After seeing the sunrise, some tourists especially children would like to ride a horse. The horses will bring you straight to the stairs which directly go into the crater.

In addition, if you want to know more about the local tribe, just tell your mount bromo tour package provider to visit traditional Tengger village there. The tribe will welcome you warmly then you will have a chance to learn about their culture. The wisdom that this tribe has should make you aware the importance of living in a harmony with nature. It will be memorable experience.

Holiday to Malang, Select Bromo Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Long trip to Malang? select bromo malang tour package 3 days 2 nights guaranteed your holiday fun and complete choice of tourist attractions. The long holiday has arrived, it’s time to vacation with family or relatives. Confused where to go? to Malang, why? because Malang is a tourist paradise in Indonesia. With various choices of tourist destinations in Malang, you are free to go anywhere during the holidays, do not know where you want to go in Malang? calm with this malang surabaya bromo tour package, you don’t need to be confused to choose a tourist destination when you are in Malang, everything is complete in malang tour package, starting from Batu Secret Zoo, Omah Kayu, Paralayang, Bromo and many more Malang tourist attractions in this package.

Holiday to Malang, Select Bromo Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Holiday to Malang, Select Bromo Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Holiday to Malang, Select Bromo Malang 3 Days 2 Nights. Want to know anything? Check out the article about the malang bromo tour package 3d 2n from below.

  1. For the first day after picking up participants, we will transfer to the inn / hotel to take a rest. and there are no activities in this day.
  2. The second day of the morning the participants were woken up and invited to explore the tourist spots around Bromo. Finish then back to the inn.
    Towards the unfortunate city, check in and explore malm tours in poor city.
  3. The third day full day trip in the area of ​​Malang City before finishing the trip for 3 days in Bromo and Malang. We take it back to your next destination. Tour Finished.

Malang city which is famous as a cold city which is at the foot of Mount Semeru and Mount Arjuno is indeed very suitable to be used as a tourist destination, with a cool atmosphere like the countryside you can feel the pleasure of a holiday in the city of Malang, waking up in the morning with a cool atmosphere plus the beautiful scenery of the mountain and surrounding area that you can feel in Malang will add more how great it is to vacation in Malang. Still hesitate to take a vacation to Malang? immediately get rid of the doubt and hurry to order the Malang Batu Malang 3 day tour package, don’t miss a long vacation time just for futile activities.

Tips In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful mountains so no one if this mountain became one of the leading natural tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially for climbers and nature lovers. Mount Rinjani is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara which is already known for its natural beauty. In addition, the existing nature preservation there is caused because the area of ​​Mount Rinjani included in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani Trekking National Park. There the tourists not only can enjoy the natural beauty at the peak of Mount Rinjani but they can also enjoy the beauty of the lake “Segara Anakan”, hot water baths and beautiful waterfalls that flow from the lake.

But to enjoy all that you need to prepare physically and mentally to be able to navigate the various terrain that will be traversed during the climb. In addition you also have to prepare some supplies, supplies or other logistics preparation because in addition to the extreme terrain you will also face the weather is quite extreme so that logistics supplies also need to be considered. Here are some tips on climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok

  • Bring warm thick clothing as it approaches the peak of the weather will be more extreme.
  • Prepare enough logistical supplies during the trip
  • Also prepare lighting or lighting such as headlamp and so on.
  • Bring only the necessary items and do not burden the backpack with items that are not very necessary
  • Pay attention to your safety and health during the climb
  • Prepare also physically and mentally before making the climb and make sure that your condition is in a fit state
  • If necessary bring a backup device service like powerbank needed to keep your device active to capture important and valuable moments during the trip

That’s some tips and equipment you need to prepare before making the climb to Mount Rinjani. Also avoid to do the climb alone because it will be very risky. For the best time to climb is in the mid-year exactly in July to August.